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Passionate About Finding the Best YOU!

Diagnosed with ADHD later in her life, Lori embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning into a career dedicated to assisting others in comprehending and maximizing their ADHD brains.


With a reservoir of empathy and a zest akin to the electric atmosphere of her beloved rock concerts, Lori leveraged her extensive 30-year career in hospitality leadership, a realm where her strong business acumen thrived, to become a trusted thinking partner for executives, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs.


Lori understands the demands placed on leaders. She not only imparts her wisdom to help them find success in their professional journeys but also strives to foster a balanced work-life equilibrium, enriching their lives beyond the confines of their careers.

Lori also branches out beyond the confines of corporate settings, adeptly assisting adults as they navigate pivotal life shifts such as career transitions, promotions, and retirement plans. Moreover, Lori's dedication expands to the academic sphere, where she works closely with college and graduate students, nurturing their boundless curiosity and laying the foundation for their promising futures.

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Lori's coaching style is defined by her infectious energy, unwavering optimism, and a straightforward approach that prioritizes the holistic development of her clients.


She understands that success comes from addressing the entirety of an individual. Her core mission is to empower her clients by guiding them to recognize and capitalize on their distinctive character strengths, shifting the focus away from weaknesses.


With her passionate dedication and magnetic presence, she ignites motivation within clients, inspiring them to define their personal values and vision of success and embrace life as the exceptional, harmonious rockstars they are destined to become.


  • I am Certified Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) I specialize in working adults with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges.

  • I have over 330 hours of training and I am a Certified Coach ADHD and Life Coach from ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA).


  • I have completed extensive coach training at the advanced level.

  • I have completed extensive training in working with families

  • I spent 30 years as a professional in the hospitality industry.  have

 "Lori has been a fantastic coach for me. I highly recommend her, she’s fantastic".  Joe A.

"Lori is incredibly intuitive.  A very caring person with great insight.  I have learned so much about my ADHD and how it affects my life.  
Everything we do together focuses on my strengths.  There used to be things that I could only do at work or at home but not both.  That is what we focus on so that I can use my strengths in both areas of my life.  I am very grateful".   Kevin B.
 "Being coached by Lori as a student coach, still in training, has been a truly beneficial experience, and her skills have only improved with time! She is always encouraging and building me up, helping me believe I am capable of whatever I set my mind to. I can feel her genuine pride in my growth and achievements. I feel like she is really invested in my success! I always enjoy our sessions, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive cheerleading partner on their journey".   Annie F.
"Lori has a special way of allowing me to dig deep inside myself and to look at my life. Sometimes asking tough questions about thoughts and questioning why we do things. She always stays positive working with my strengths. She insists that I am in the driver’s seat yet helps guide me to a new understanding of life. I feel so comfortable with her I've shared things I've never told anyone else . I love our rapport and can't thank her enough".  Susan T.
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