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Welcome to MindShift Coaching!

      What if I told you that you could unlock your hidden strengths and transform your life?


I'm Lori Charter, founder of MindShift Coaching,

and I've been there myself.

Diagnosed late in life with ADHD,

I know firsthand how coaching can ignite change.




Together, as your dynamic "thinking partner,"

we'll boost your confidence and explore endless possibilities!


Whether you're transitioning in your career,

starting a new business, or entering retirement, 


I specialize in guiding adults like you through

these pivotal moments.


 Together, let's uncover your unique strengths and brilliance

 and celebrate the unstoppable power within you!

Are You Ready for a MindShift?

“Lori has been a fantastic coach for me. 
I highly recommend her - she is fantastic"

Olivia, Pasadena Maryland

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